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2007 prithibimusic.com
Amin: 18th May (taurus)

The soulfly messiah the keeper of the reeds - who chose to fight the system not with bombs not with guns but with tones which he dishes out from his lean mean tone factory..

Role: Keyboards, backing vocals..

Gears: Roland RS50,Yamaha PSR530..

Musical background: Started learning keyboards from his uncle at the age of 15... then from famous keyboardist Indrajit dey..

Influences: Immensely influenced by classic n 80's glam rock..right now he is more into nu age rock, freaks on Linkin Park, RATM..but Deep Purple, Gn'R, Bon Jovi, Europe and Dream Theater are his all time favourites..

Strong point: Can adjust in any circumstances..

Weak point: Lack of concentration..

Dislikes: Hypocrites..

About PRITHIBI: It's a learning experience for me..every day I'm learning..

Comment for the followers: No pain no gain..

Note of gratitude: Maa n my bandmates, they are everything..

e-mail: amin@prithibimusic.com