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2007 prithibimusic.com
Bubun: 11th July (cancer)

The sensei of the frets who can fight the system by bending the strings instead of the hierchy -- a black knight who at par with ripping the axe can very well prove that there is love in space..

Role: Guitars..

Gears: Ibanez GIO,Larry n Carlton series electric guitar, Line6 POD XT Live effect processor, Stranger Cube80 amplifier, Ernie Ball 9s strings..

Musical background: Playing guitars for 15 long years, started music at the age of 14, gabluda..his first guitar teacher, then Neil Mukherjee(ex krosswindz)..and Neilda has got immense contribution in his career..

Influences: Heavily influenced by 80's glam era,bands like Winger, White Lion,Firehouse, Ugly Kid Joe and on the heavier side.. Megadeth, Metallica and above all, Iron Maiden..

Strong point: Hard working ability..

Weak point: Too sentimental..

Dislikes: Backstabbing people..

About PRITHIBI: It's a band of brothers and at the same time it's my dream band..

Comment for the followers: Whatever you are doing, work hard, one day you will definitely get success..

Note of gratitude: Don't want to say much..thanks to my parents, brother Pupai and Sister jhimli..without them I wouldn't have made it..

e-mail: bubun@prithibimusic.com