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2007 prithibimusic.com

Why We Call Our Selves PRITHIBI..

Portrayal of the naked truth that lies beneath the Glittery Pseudo Epitome that
We call the system, Has been our Mission- The Expression Of day to day sorrows, unachieved dreams, moments of fragile happiness Of the common mass through our music has been our aim. The unison of the common mass with our music and the never ending struggle to establish an utopian island in a dog eat dog world has been our main look out .. Hence we call ourselves PRITHIBI Since it takes all Kinds to Make a Prithibi ..

Formation of the Band..

The making of the Musical Mass Weapon Of revolution took place in 2001....
The first contact with the masses Has been traced back to The evening Of August 14th 2001... The first warrior of the Cult were Koushik who after different stages of permuting and combining with lineups started working with Bubun After which shortly Samarpan was inducted into the cult and then on came other revolutionaries Prosanto, Amin and Arnab and then........well The rest is history and the Visible present --

Why we Call Our Selves Anti-Establishment..

"The land of the free...what.. who ever told you that is your enemy"--
We shall rip the mic rip The stage rip The system..

We were Born To rage against them...In this world laden with hypocrites and
Leeching MNCs, there is not much we could do by organising wide spread war against commercialization, so We chose music as the weapon of choice to raise our voice against the system...Our lyrics by far and by large political and sarcastically equipped to pierce right through the wrongs of the system of the society and to make the common masses aware and in turn to rise up and revolt...

Why we wear Black on stage..

The world is no bed of roses -- if a man rises up society makes sure that it
brings him down to his knees and Kicks his guts again and again till he Submits and becomes its Slave.. it also makes sure that the only two distinct colour tones that a person sees will be in black and white because a coloured vision leads to Hopes and dreams which is not permissible by the system because it wants Mechanical Slaves who can function as programmed-- We wear black on stage so we can bring back the tones of Red green and blue back to the common masses and tell them that all hope is not lost and they can still dream, pursue them to see the true colours of Vast blue sky and galaxy beyond and not spend their life stuck in a cyclic bi-coloured loop..