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2007 prithibimusic.com
Samarpan: scorpio..

Samarpan aka Sammy -- the silent monk who attains nirvana through
the frets of his axe..speaking his mind through the guitar,he is the
calm soul support for the musical army..

Role: Guitars, backing vocals..

Gears: Hobner acoustic guitar,Signature nylon string guitar,Gibson Epiphone Les Paul, customised Stratocaster copy, Line6 POD XT Live and Korg Ax1500G effect processors,Cry Baby Classic Wah,Marshall MG100DFX amplifier,GHS 9s strings,Shure PGX14 guitar wireless system..

Musical background: Started playing tabla at a very early age..but could not continue..then started taking guitar lessons in '98 from Asimabha Sarkar..then in the year 2k from mighty might Amyt Datta to evolve from the monotonous trend of just playing..still learning from everyone musical..

Influences: everything musical from baul to death metal..an avid listener and gets influenced by everything he likes..a Slash n Zakk freak,a die-hard G n'R fan..and Amyt Datta..one of his biggest influences..

Strong point: Commitment, sense of responsibility..

Weak point: Fatally emotional..

Dislikes: Hypocrisy n dishonesty..

About PRITHIBI: Sometimes silence speaks more than words spoken..

Comment for the followers: Be honest..god will stand by ur side..

Note of gratitude: Well don't know what to say..when I started music, never dreamt of it..falling short of words..though I never believe in sorries n thanks..but still need to show my heartfelt gratitude to my family and well wishers,Amytda..my mentor,my bandmates, my
friends at DL thek..ya guys rock man, Babun..u know how much u mean to me,Sayan, Reemo, Mum..my nephew and niece and baba,maa..what can I say about her..the reason I am still surviving..my
life-force, and last but not the least..almighty god..my power..

e-mail: samarpan@prithibimusic.com